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    We also provide Vastu consultancy in a scientific way to balance the 5 Elements & Energies at your Residential, Commercial & Industrial place for Health, Wealth & Prosperity or to provide a solution(s) to any issues/problems faced.

    Scientific methodology based Vastu balancing Panchtatav ( 5 Elements – Water,Air,Fire,Earth & Space)

    Residential Vastu

    • Plot
    • Flat
    • Floor

    Commercial Vastu

    • Shops & Offices
    • Hotels/Restaurants
    • Hospitals

    Industrial Vastu

    • Factories
    • Godowns/Warehouses
    • Manufacturing

    “An online source of astrological and vastu services, consultancy, horoscope reading, remedies, pujas, etc.”

    About Acharya Dr. Manoj Bhatia

    Acharya Dr. Manoj Bhatia is a well-known astrologer, a specialist in Horoscope analysis, and Vastu consultancy. A practitioner in Vedic astrology, Nadi & K.P System. Acharya Dr. Manoj Bhatia also practices Numerology, Palmistry & Reiki. Acharya Manoj Bhatia is Founder & Chairman of Maharishi Jyotish Sansthan, Delhi, India.

    Does Astrology help?

    Astrology is a pure science which helps to provide right path & solutions from ancient times, Astrology is neither a myth or just a belief, it is a science of planetary positions at the time of birth which caste a picture of one’s life at the time of birth and later planetary positions at any given time, known as transits of planets and one’s proceeding Dasha/Antar Dasha/Paryantar Dasha calculations reveals the hidden story, which after thorough study can provide right guidance for a better,problem-free and smooth life. This is a divine science that helps to solve the problems in anyone’s life related to any field whether it is education, Health, Job, Business, love, Marriage, Children, Settling overseas, etc. and giving proper guidelines & remedial services.
    Astrology provides the right guidance that can help you to achieve your goals, throw light in dark times, fight & come out through difficult situations. Help to live an easy life. Astrology provides the path of enlightenment

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    Check out what our previous customer has to say about us!

    Hi Dear Aacharya Manoj ji , Thank you so much for your predictions and guidance . I found solace after talking to you. What you had said about my past it all has happened. i shall practice the remedial measures as suggested by you. Tank you so much . God bless you.

    Vandana Mehta, General Manager, Bhiwadi
    It has been an honor and a privilege to seek consistent advice from Jyotisacharya Sh Manoj Bhatia over the past 7-8 years. His readings have always helped me to navigate through life’s constant obstacles whether its in my profession or family. I highly recommend his services to all.

    Advocate Naveen Bhardwaj, High Court, Delhi