It was a great experience for me, as the readings made were very precise & instructed me with certain solutions too. Thank you.

Abhishek Jain, Businessman, Bangalore
Mr. Bhatia provides a very informative and helpful guidance. He analyse the kundli minutely and in detail and suggests really easy and feasible solutions for the problems.Would definitely recommend him to everyone

Sakshi Jain, Accenture, Gurugram
Hello everyone I wanna share my experience with you all as there is some problem in my birth time and I don’t have the actual time or I have only approximate timing of my birth but the moment I met acharya ji Dr Manoj Bhatia ,he made such accurate prediction of everything which no one could have done it so far..I always recommended his opinion to be taken first before going to anyone else for Astrological prediction.

Shilpa, Delhi
His advices are good and to the point.He also give all praticle solution as he knows the capability or reachabilty of any working professionals.the advices really works well to reasons.

Jitender Jain, Vice President, Chandigarh
Thank you Acharya Manoj Bhatia… He gives very good advise and his horoscope analysis is very good.His remedies are very simple and effective.Also his videos are very informative and knowledgeable.He explains everything in very simple words to help even a layman understand it clearly… Thank you for sharing wonderful knowledge and guiding us through…. Look forward to more such knowledgeable videos

Kavita Bhatia, Delhi
I’m very thankful to Acharya Manoj Bhatia ji, he is very prompt in responding when it comes to personal queries. He dedicated a video on my query on Shani Sadesati which has not only cleared my doubts but also guided me further with remedies with positive approach.

Anju Arora, House wife, Delhi
Hope you are doing well. I would like to take moment to thank you for all your suggestions that helped me to overcome my situation. I truly appreciate your insights, guidance and remedies through which I was able to move in the right direction. Even after being so busy, you have always taken out time to understand my problems and helped me with solutions. Thank you so much for your selfless efforts.

Neetu Singh, Raniganj, West Bengal