Horoscope making/casting

Our Vedic astrology is based on 12 signs and 7 planets with 2 shadow planets. The horoscope is cast considering DOB (date of birth), TOB (Time of birth and POB (place of birth). The planetary position at the time of birth drives the horoscope and rising sign at the time of birth is Ascendent. The horoscope of any person remains the same for the whole life for everyone. We make detailed horoscope on a paid basis along with key important points covered in the horoscope. Horoscope is an important document for individuals and families.

Detail horoscope analysis

We do detail analysis of the horoscope and provide consultancy. We provide future guidance based on the horoscope,dashas and transit.The analysis /guidance is provided for career, service, business, love life, marriage, married life, health, wealth, property, disputes, legal cases, etc.

Vastu Consultation

For Vastu consultation, we require layout drawing to be assessed also initial visit shall be required to evaluate the area. We can also help to make the drawing of the area (office, home) where Vastu consultation is required. Post initial visit of the area, we submit our detailed Vastu report along with remedies followed by a visit to explain.

Matrimonial Services

This is a paid service, provide details of boy and girl. We will revert back with our analysis of the suitability of the match asked for. Register yourself free to avail of this service. We offer candidates at nominal charges.

Child delivery – Designer baby

Its upgrowing service. Under this service, we help to choose the best date & birth time of the delivery of child as per likely delivery schedule. For example, if some have likely delivery date around 15th October, then we work on a few best dates and times around the likely delivery schedule with the best possibilities under the circumstances. This has only one Limitation, that the best date & time suggested is only as per the delivery schedule of a child given by the doctor but would be best under the circumstance

Puja & Hawans

We offer various Pujas & hawans. We have excellent Pandits who perform pujas as per Hindu rituals following the right Vidhi.